At LifeStyle, we do not charge any supplements on top of your rent, however we do have to cover any bank charges imposed by the means in which you choose to pay your rent or settle any accounts.

We strongly advise you to make payments by either Bank Transfer (BACS), Debit card or even better setup a Standing Order for the bank to process for you each month.

We do not charge to receive payments via Bank Transfer or Debit card, however credit cards and cash do incur bank charges which are passed back to you. So, save yourself a few pounds! and use online banking to make a transfer or set up a standing order so you can forget about it.

Which ever method you choose, you must remember that funds must reach our accounts cleared by your contracted rent day. This is inline with your tenancy agreement but also to prevent you being charged for late payment or for returned or incurred bank charges.

Accepted Payment Methods

Method Charge
Debit card FREE
Standing order FREE
Bank Transfer FREE
Returned Bank Payments (payments made in error or not settled by your bank) £20

How to Pay

Bank Transfer/Standing Order

Rent Payments

Account: LifeStyle Letting & Management
Bank: HSBC
Sort code: PLEASE CALL

Account number (Rent only): PLEASE CALL

Deposit Payments

Account: LifeStyle Letting & Management
Bank: HSBC
Sort code: PLEASE CALL
Account number (Deposits only): PLEASE CALL

# Please note:
i. You must put your tenancy address at the payment reference. Not doing this could lead to a delay in receiving your cleared payment.
ii. Please ensure you use the correct account number for rent or deposits.

Debit/Credit card

You can pay your rent with credit or debit card over the telephone on 01454 615050. Or you are very welcome to visit our office and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

Please note though, we can only take payment on debit/credit card for rent if its presented a minimum of 7 business days prior to your rent day.


Cash must be brought to our Letting Office 3 days before your rent is due. Alternatively, you can pay the cash into our bank account listed above, with the tenancy address as payment reference.


Cheques can be mailed or brought in to our Letting Office 5 days prior to your rent day. Cheques are notoriously slow to clear, so it's not the best payment form if you are close to your rent day.



LifeStyle will ensure that your rent is paid to you regardless of whether your tenant fails to make their payment. We will then recover payment with them through the courts. This is part of our management package and ensures complete peace of mind.

* subject to terms and conditions

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